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Sisters of the Immaculate heart of Mary ( FIH)
Franciscan Immaculatine Sisters (FIS)


The Carmelite Religious[C. C.R.]
The Sisters Adorers,Handmaids of the Blessed Sarament and of Charity.[A.A.S.C]
The Sisters of the Holy Cross, Menzingen (HC) South Indian Province
Order of The Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration.(P.C.P.A.)
The Teresian Carmelites.(C.T.C.)
The Carmelites of St.Teresa (C.S.S.T.)
The Missionary Sisters of The Queen of The Apostles (S.R.A.)
The Sisters of Visitation Congregation of Alleppey (S.V.C.)
The Sisters of St. Anne of Tiruchirapalli (S.A.T.)
The Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany, Mangalore.(B.S.)
The Sisters of St. Ann of Providence (S.S.A.P.)
Sisters of Handmaids of the Merciful Love (E.A.M.)
The Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo (S.C.B.)
Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (F.M.A.)
The Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent De Paul (D.C.)
The Sisters of Missionaries of Charity (M.C.)
The Sisters of Our Lady of the Mission (R.N.D.M.)
The Missionary Sisters of St. Therese of Infant Jesus (M.S.S.T.)
Sisters for the Reparation to the Holy Face of Our Lord Jesus Christ. (HOLY FACE) (B.R.S.V.)

The Pious Workers of St. Joseph Convent [ P.W.S.J.]


23 Canossian Daughters of charity Servents of the poor
1.............+++ Sisters of the Immaculate heart of Mary ( FIH) +++..............
Very Rev. Fr. Louis Savinien Dupuis [M.E.P] a French Missionary.
16th Oct. 1844. Founded in Pondichery.
07 the March. 1947 Bifurcation [Comprising of all the houses in Kerala]

Feast of the Congregation : Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Total Number of Sisters Working in the Diocese : 237


The Congregation was founded by Very Rev. Fr. Louis Savinien Dupuis, a French Missionary, in Pondichery in the year 1844. It was established with a view for the sanctification of its members and service to the people of God especially the total uplift of the women. The founder framed the Rules and regulations with simple and solid spirituality taken from the Franciscan Sources.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Aloysius Maria Benziger O.C.D. then Bishop of Quilon brought a Community of sisters from Pondichery to Kanjirakode in the Diocese of Quilon on 26th July 1907 chiefly to attend the Education of women. Gradually four more Communities were also formed. A Division of the Congregation was effected on 7th March 1947 separating the Kerala Region from the rest with permission of the most Rev. Leo P. Kierkels, C.S.P. the Apostolic Delegate of the East Indies . Rt Rev. Dr. Jerome M. Fernandez declared it an Independent diocesan Congregation having five Convents. The first Superior General was Rev. Mother Henrica Mary.Number of Sisters--45

His Holiness Pope John Paul II declared the Congregation to the status of Pontifical Right on 24 th Oct. 1997 . The division of the congregation into two Regions Viz. St.Joseph's and St.Francis' was effected on 20 th April 1998 and it was declared by Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph G. Fernandez.

The Superior General at present is Very Rev. Mother Boniface Mary F.I.H. By the grace of God Almighty the Congregation has launched earnestly into various spheres of social services for the greater Glory of God and for amelioration of the people. Now it has remarkably grown and spread into 25 dioceses and has become a flourishing congregation having 65 convents and 500 professed sisters dispersed in 9 states in India, 4 parishes in Germany, 2 in Italy, 3 in Indiana, U S A., one in New York.

Charism of the Congregation, Vision and mission Statements. In the experience of God's love for the poor towards the total uplift of the Person in the spiritual, intellectual, physical and social needs. The motto of the Congregation is �Sanctification and service.�

CONTACT : Mother House : I.H.M Convent Pattathanam, Kollam 691021

                     Generalate : - F.I.H Generalate, Pattathanam, Kollam 691021

                     Superior General : Very Rev. Mother Boniface Mary F.I.H
                     F.I.H Generalate, Pattathanam, Kollam 691021
                     tel. No. Personal – 95474-2768246
                     Office -- 95474- 2742011
                     Fax -- 95474 – 2744242
                     E-mail -

Regional Houses
St.Joseph's Region
Regional Superior . Mother Delphine Mary F.I.H
Vimala Hridaya Convent
Edathala P.O.Aluva 683101
Tel.95484 - 2624943
St. Francis’ Region.
Regional Superior - Sr.Philippa Mary F.I.H
Vimala Hridaya Convent
TC l –799. Trivandrum 695011
Tel. 95471 –2446738

Number of Houses � 22 / Address of Houses

Kollam, 691021
Tel.95474 - 2742011
St.Antony’s Convent
Kollam 691590
Arogya Matha Convent
Beach Road
Kollam, 691001
Tel.Conv 95474–2767849
Hosp 95474– 2768201

Assisi Vinayalaya
Kottiyam P.O
Kollam 691571
Tel 95474--2531091

Assumption Convent
Clappana P.O
Kollam 690525
Tel 95476—897415
St. Goretti Hostel
Kollam 691001
Tel 95474--2749672
I.H.M Convent
Kollam 691021
Tel 95474--2767720
Carmel Hostel
Pattathanam P.O
Kollam 691001
Tel 95474--2745223
Little Flower Convent
Sasthamcotta P.O
Tel. 95476 - 2831024
LokaRekshaka Convent
Thevalakkara P.O
Kollam 690524
LourdeMatha Convent
Chavara P.O
Kollam 691583
Tel. 95476--2680325
St.Margaret Convent
Kunndara P.O
Kollam 691501
St.Mary’s Convent
Kumbalam P.O
St. Mary’s Convent
Port Road
Kollam 691001
Tel. 95474--2741799
Perpetual Succour
Kottiyam P.O
Kollam 691571
Tel. 95474--2530079
Sacred Heart Convent
Mangad P.O
Kollam 691005
Stella Mari’s Convent
Thirumullavaram P.O
Kollam 691012

Vimala Hridaya Convent
V.H. Vikas Nagar
Vadakkevila P.O
Kollam 691010
Vimala Hridaya Convent
Port Road
Kollam 691581
Vimala Hridaya
Formation House
Pattathanam P.O
Kollam 691001
Vimala Niketh Convent
Kottiyam P.O
Kollam 691571
Vimala Niketh
Formation House
Kottiyam P.O
Kollam 691571
Tel. 95474-2534276


Address of Institutions { Schools }

Lourd Mata Higher Secondary School
Kovilthottam, Chavara, Kollam.691583
Tel.95476 – 2680350
Vimala Hridaya I.C.S.E.
Pazhayattinkuzhy, Kollam.
Tel.95474 –2728268

Vimala Hridaya Eng.Med. LPS.
Pattathanam, Kollam. 691001
Tel. 95474 –2777619
Vimala Hridaya Eng. Med UPS
Clappana, Karunagappally
Kollam. 690525
Tel. 95476 – 2897415
Kottiyam, Kollam –691571
Tel.95474 –2531091.
St.Margaret Eng.Med, LPS.
Kanjirakode, Kundara
Kollam –691501
Tel.95474 – 2522320


LokaReksha Hospital & Nursing School
Arinallore, Kollam 690524
Tel.95476 –2872044

Social Services

Vimala Electronic Centre
Thazhuthala, Kollam.
Tel.95474 –2530108.
Vimala Hridaya Tailoring & Garment making Centre
Thazhuthala, Kollam.
Tel .95474 –2530110.

Free Boarding

Balika Sadanam, Kottiyam, Kollam – Tel No.95474/2531091
Balika Sadanam, Kanjirakode, Kundara – Tel No.95474/2522320
Balika Sadanam, Thirumullavaram, Kollam- Tel No.95474/ 2790899

Home for the aged

Home for the abandoned children


Assisi Vinayalaya, Kottiyam, Kollam .95474 � 253091

Saranya, VH Convent
Sakhikulungara, Kollam .691581
Tel .95474 – 2772166.

Carmel Hostel, Pattathanam, Kollam. 961001
Tel .95474 – 2745223

School for the mentally challenged

Vimala Hridaya, VikasNagar
Pazhattinkuzhy, Vadakkevila, Kollam. 691010
Tel.95474 –2728268

Charism of the Congregation, Vision and mission Statements
2............+++ Franciscan Immaculatine Sisters (FIS) +++...............
Franciscan Immaculatine Sisters Fraternity “Our Lady of Lourdes ”
Kollam, Mayyanad P.O. 691 303
Kerala – S. India
Tel: 0474 - 2557426
The Founder: Fr. Ludovico Acernese,O.F.M.Cap. (1835 – 1916)

Fr. Lodovico Acernese was born in Pietradefusi ( Avellino Italy ) on April 14, 1835 . He entered as a Friar among the Capuchin Minors in the Province of Naples at the age of 21; ordained priest on June 18, 1859 . He was a man of heroic faith and seraphic charity. He spent his life in the service of the Church, restoring moral and customs. With great admiration and love for the Immaculate Virgin, he wanted to offer her a perpetual homage: The institution of Franciscan Immaculatine Sisters. He died on February 16, 1916 in Pietradefusi ( Avellino , Italy ).

History: The Congregation was founded on December 8, 1881 . Fr . Ludovico Acernese, O.F.M. Cap. was the superior of the community in Montefusco ( Avellino Italy ), he start to the Franciscan Third Order Secular at Montefusco. In 1869 Teresa Manganiello approached Fr. Ludovico and asked to be admitted as a postulant in this Franciscan Third Order Secular. Many other girls joined in the group and they requested to him to live in a community life. Seing their holy desires Fr. Ludovico Acernese was inspired to found a Religious Congregation of which Teresa was suppose to be the first Superior and guide. In 1873 Teresa had the opportunity to go to Rome with permission of Fr. Ludovico to ask for the approval of the future Congregation. The Holy Father, Pope Pio IX blessed her with the following words: �I bless your holy enterprise, the father director, his undertakings and the new congregation�. On the 4 November 1876 , Teresa died. The premature death of this angel, whom Fr. Ludovico had designated to be the cornerstone of the huge edifice that he was dreaming off, did not shake him at all, nor make him to change his plan. He firmly believed that he would have the bountiful support of Teresa Manganiello from heaven. Thus this holy person was the root of a new plant, soon to sprout up in the church. The root was buried in God as in fertile soil that yields every grace. Thus with 15 Companions of Teresa Manganiello on December 8, 1881 the Congregation of Franciscan Immaculatine Sisters was officially founded. The 15 sisters gathered in a first chapter and elected their Superior , Sister Maria Immacolata Petrillo who as �Mother� guides this newly born congregation with a spirit of sacrifice and love. The Congregation is Pontifical from March 18, 1950 . Their a dvent to India � Kerala on 21 March 1991 .

History of the Congregation in the diocese of Quilon: In 2001 Rev. Fr. Paul Ettuveettil Parish priest of St. Jacob's Church Mayyanad made a request to the Congregation through the Capuchins of Tillery to open a house in the same parish for the pastoral assistance. The Congregation agreed to open the community in Mayyanad in order to help in the Parish as well as to look after the spiritual growth of its parishioners. The community of the sisters was officially inaugurated on 11 of February 2002.There are four sisters in the community .

House in Quilon  :    Franciscan Immaculatine Sisters, Our Lady of Lourdes House, Mayyanadu PO, Quilon 691303, Ph. 0474 2557426

Feast of the Congregation : October 4, Feast of St. Francis of Assisi , December 8, Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Mission of the congregation
Education, especially of children and women, Catechetical Instruction, Pastoral assistance, Missionary activities , Social Assistance
The Charism of the Congregation is to be�New Homage� to the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in daily reparation for the offenses against God, especially those of the sensual excesses.
The Superior General
Sr. Mariagiovanna Santedicola
Suore Francescane Immacolatine
Curia Genaralizia
Via Grottone
83030 Pietradefusi, (AV)
Ph. 0039 0825 962064
Countries of Mission

Italy , Brazil from 1950, Philippines from 1982, India from 1991, Australia from 2005

3 ...............+++ The Carmelite Religious [C. C.R.] +++...............

Foundress : Mother Veronica of the Passion (1823-1906), English, Year of Foundation : 16 th July 1868 .

History: The history of the congregation is deep rooted in the tradition and history of the pioneers of the diocese of Quilon. Our Foundress M. Veronica of the Passion (nee Sophie Leeves), was English by birth and a daughter of an Anglican Pastor. In 1850 at the age of 27 she entered the Catholic Church and a year later joined the �Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition'. In 1861 she was transferred to Calicut , India where she worked with the Carmelite missionaries and gradually imbibed the Spirit of the Order. At the time, there was a lack of women Religious on the Malabar coast , and the Carmelite missionaries long desired a Third Order of Carmelites Sisters to help them in their missionary endeavors. God chose Mother Veronica to fulfill this need. At the request of Rev. Fr. Dominic of St. Joseph, OCD, Superior General of the Discalced Carmelites and the encouragement of Rev. Fr. Marie Ephrem Garrelon, OCD, Mother Veronica founded the �Third Order Apostolic of our Lady of Mount Carmel' on 16 th July 1868 at Bayonne, France. Two years later the new Congregation was established at Mangalore , India where Rev. Msgr. Marie Ephrem, OCD was Vicar Apostolic. The Congregation soon spread, and in 1875 at the request of Bishop Ildephonse Borgna, OCD a Convent was founded at Quilon- St. Joseph's Convent.

In 1878 the diocese of Mangalore was handed over to the Jesuits. After a year, one of the pioneers, Sr. Mary Elias of Jesus, an Irish Sister asked permission to come to the Convent of St. Joseph, Quilon to work with the Carmelite missionaries. On 10 th November 1880 , Sister Mary Elias founded the Holy Angels' Convent and School, Trivandrum at the request of Bishop Ferdinand Ossi, OCD . On the 22 nd of July 1885 His Lordship established Mount Carmel Convent, Tangasseri and appointed Sr. Anne Teresa as Superior .

When Bishop Benziger assumed charge of the Diocese as Co-Adjutor Bishop in 1900 he took keen interest in the Carmelite Convents in his Diocese. Until the year 1907 the three Convents of Quilon, Trivandrum and Tangasseri were autonomous. It was His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Aloysius Maria Benziger OCD, Bishop of Quilon who amalgamated them. A General Chapter was convened in 1908 and Mother M. Michael of the Redemption was elected Mother General. Holy Angels' Convent became the Headquarters of the Congregation, formally established under the title of the �Third Order Apostolic of Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Trivandrum' (later know as the Congregation of the Carmelite Religious ) The Generalate was shifted to the All Saints' Campus, Trivandrum in 1996. In 1950 the Congregation was declared a Pontifical Religious Institute.

During the 135 years of its existence, the Seed sown by Mother Veronica along the Malabar Coast has grown steadily, branched out to the various States of India and crossed the frontiers as well proclaiming the Good News to one and all. Our Charism is Contemplation in Action, with Mary as Model. Vision Statement : As Carmelites, called to be a Prophetic Presence in the world, we impart the fullness of life received in prayer, through our ministries of Education and other Works of Mercy. Mission Statement: In the Spirit of the Foundress and mindful of our Charism, we radiate the Love and Light of Christ through Prayer and Community Life, We impart this Fullness of Life through * Education. * Empowerment of women especially the marginalized. * Care of the sick and aged. * Participation in the Pastoral Mission of the Church.. Feast of the Congregation : 16 th July � Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel . Countries of Mission : India , Italy , Germany , Kenya , and United States of America .

History of the Congregation in the Diocese of Quilon : St Joseph's Convent was founded in 1875 when Bishop Ildephonse Borgna, OCD requested Sr. Marie des Anges, Superior of the Apostolic Carmel at Mangalore to open a House at Quilon called �Convent of our Lady of Mount Carmel', later named as �St. Joseph's Convent', Tuet Quilon. The pioneers were Mother Mary Augustine of the Cross ( Superior ), Sr. Anne Teresa, Sr. Mary Gertrude and Sr. Mary Veronica of Jesus. In December 1879, Sr. Mary Elias, an Irish Sister who was trained by our Foundress at Bayonne France , and who had laboured in Cannanore for ten years, joined the Community. In 1880, she was chosen by his Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Ferdinand Ossi, OCD to found Holy Angels' Convent , Trivandrum . Five years later his Lordship established another Carmelite Convent for the education of Girls at Tangasseri � the Convent of Our Lady of Mount Carmel - and appointed Sr. Anne Teresa as Superior . After the amalgamation on 18th December 1908 the three Convents were under one Superior General, Mother Mary Michael of the Redemption. Holy Angels' Convent, being the residence of the Mother General, became the Mother House. St Joseph 's Convent was now part of the �Third Order Apostolic of Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Trivandrum' (now the Congregation of the Carmelite Religious)

In 1877 the Sisters opened an English Primary School and ten years later the Vernacular followed. Both the Sections grew simultaneously, maintaining a very high standard and in 1920 St. Joseph 's was raised to a High School. During the 130 years of its existence the School has made significant strides, to quote the late Bishop of revered memory, His Lordship Rt. Rev. Bishop Jerome M. Fernandez Tuppasseril �� Your Convent and School have imprinted the love of God deep into the hearts and minds of innumerable children especially young girls. You have formed them, moulded them after the image of God Himself. � Here and abroad, in all walks of life they hold aloft the torch which you have lighted�. - That speaks for itself. Today St. Joseph 's is a Higher Secondary School with a total strength of more than 3500 children. In addition to the apostolate of Education, our Sisters engage in Pastoral works and reach out in various ways to the poor and the needy. The Convent has Residential facilities , well equipped with dormitory, study hall and a fine dining hall. Children are well cared for, all their needs attended to � spiritual, psychological, emotional and material. Their academic progress is monitored by the Sister in charge and remedial measures provided when needed,. At present there are eighty residents.St. Joseph's Convent holds pride of place as the oldest Convent in our Congregation, the corner stone of an edifice that has stood the test of time spiritually, academically, socially and historically. The Convent has housed generations of old and infirm sisters who by their lives of prayer and sacrifice have sustained the Congregation and the Church at large.

Convent of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

The Convent of our Lady of Mount Carmel was established on 22 nd July 1885 . The pioneers were Sr. Anne Teresa ( Superior ), Sr. Mary Catherine, Sr. Mary Francisca Regis and Sr. Mary Rose. The English School started on 21 st August 1885 was part of the small house where the Sisters lived. The Vernacular Elementary School ran parallel. In spite of difficulties in the early years, the School attained a very good standard during the tenure of Sr. Anne Teresa. In 1899 it secured recognition from the Madras Government. In 1914, Mount Carmel 's was raised to a High School. It was acknowledged as one of the best Schools in the Madras Presidency. Each Sister and Head Mistress contributed much to the development of the Convent and the School � land was purchased, infrastructure improved, numbers increased,. God blessed their sincere efforts. There were many young talented girls who joined the Congregation; they now serve the Church in different capacities.Today Mount Carmel Anglo Indian ISC School stands out as one of the most prestigious Institutions. The Sisters continue their dedicated service to Society and the Church.

Holy Family Convent, Aravila

At the request of His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Jerome Fernandez, the Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Gregory Lawrence and the Parishioners, the Holy Family Convent was founded at Aravila in 1968. Having at heart the welfare of the poor and the needy Mother Mary Louise, Superior General was happy to send three of our Sisters to work in the Parish. On 16 th May, the sisters began their mission with the blessings of the His Lordship and the Vicar General Rev. Fr. Peter Thekkevilayil. They were Sr. Mary Mechtilde ( Superior ), Sr. Mary Patience and Sr. Mary Diana.

The Sisters were teaching in the Parish School . Faith formation was their priority, however other basic human needs were not neglected. Every evening they assembled the villagers to recite the Rosary. The Sodality of Our Lady was revived. A crèche was opened, sponsored by the QSS. A Mother and Childcare unit was started for the benefit of the people of the locality. For young unemployed girls, the Sisters started a project of �straw art'. A Small Savings Scheme was initiated by the Sisters to help poor families. Soon a Nursery was opened, in course of time the Primary School and today the School has been upgraded and will be proudly presenting their first batch of Scholars for the 2006 Board Exam.

The Convent of Our Lady of Lourdes , Chavara, South

In the year 1975, with the blessings of His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Jerome M. Fernandez, Bishop of Quilon, the Convent of Our Lady of Lourdes, the first bud of Mother Mary Angela, Superior General bloomed. Initially the Sisters were housed in the cottage of an elderly couple � Mr. Jerald and Mrs. Effie Fernandez. Later the Convent was shifted to its present venue. The pioneers were Sr. Mary Mechtilde, ( Superior ) and Sr. Mary Martha and four aspirants. Gradually there came the need for an English Medium School , Nursery, Primary and now the School has been upgraded to a Middle School. In spite of the heavy responsibility in School, the Sisters still continue the works initiated by their predecessors.

No. of Sisters working in the Diocese � 70

Our main thrust: Kindergarten, Primary, High School and Higher Secondary
Teaching Sunday Catechism in the Parish and at various mission stations.
-Faith formation - preparing children and adults for the Sacraments, assisting in
 rectifying marriages
-BCC, conducting prayer meetings, discussions on the common problems faced by the families.
-Family apostolate – visiting the sick, mentally and aged, caring for children from
broken families, finding a shelter for them, reunion of parents.
-Animation of Liturgy.
-Sacristy work and preparation of altars on Sundays and Feast Days.
-Helping the poor and needy: free education, noon meals, uniforms and books.
-Involvement in KCSL and Jesus Youth., Holy Childhood.
-For children below 12 years: Angels’ Army
-Prison Ministry: Visit to Juvenile home and sub jail: sharing, praying, entertaining,
  listening to them and instilling hope into them.
-Introducing bhajans, aarthi, dance and using the regional culture in our Liturgy.
-Scriptural scenes in the Indian setting in mime and dance relevant to present day
  situation are depicted. Indian methods of meditation are encouraged.
  Most of our Convents are near the Parish Church, which is an added advantage for
us to render our services easily.

Our Charism is Contemplation in Action, with Mary as Model

Mother House: Holy Angels’ Convent, Trivandrum.
Superior General: Mother Mary Frances, CCR
Address: CCR Generalate,
All Saints’ Campus,
Thiruvananthapuram 695 007
Tel. 0471 / 2502191, 2506543

Institutions in the Diocese of Quilon

St. Joseph’s Convent
Tuet, Kollam 661 001
Tel. 0474 / 2751495.

Convent of Our Lady of Mount Carmel,
Tangasseri, Kollam, 691007
Tel. 0474 / 2795932

Convent of Our Lady of Lourdes,
Chavara South,
Kollam 691584
Tel. 0476 / 2882323

Holy Family Convent,
Aravilla, Kavanad P.O.
Kollam, 691003
Tel. 0474 / 2771790
Dear Young sister,
Here is the Congregation of the Carmelite Religious welcoming you!
Thank you for giving us your precious time.
If deep inside you there is a yearning to live the Gospel values radically
Follow Me…. (Mt. 4:19) If the Lord is calling you
To be an Apostle through Contemplative prayer and service
To be a joyful witness of Christ’s love.
You are welcome to join us and continue to build His Kingdom,
Loving… Sharing…. Caring.
May Mary Mother and Queen of Carmel be your Inspiration!

For further information kindly contact:
The Vocation Promoter
CCR Generalate
All Saints’ Campus
Thiruvananthapuram 695007
Ph. 0471/ 2502191

   4 ............. +++The Sisters Adorers,Handmaids of the Blessed Sarament and of Charity.[A.A.S.C] +++............
Foundress: St. Maria Micaela .
Era: 19th century,
Nationality: Spanish
Year of founding: 1st March 1856

Year of advent to India/Kerala/Quilon: India : 1947; Kerala: 1987 Quilon: 31 st January 2002

The Congregation was founded in Madrid-Spain, in 1856 by St. Maria Micaela . Its unique Charism is polarised completely in two converging directions: EUCHARIST and MARGINALIZED WOMEN AND GIRLS, that is Adoration-Liberation. A Sister Adorer is called to adore Christ who is present in Eucharist and in the marginalized women. She is to live her Charism meaningfully by drawing strength from the Eucharistic Sacrifice as well as Sacrament for her work in favour of the women and girls who are exploited, oppressed, discriminated against and neglected. The vocation of Sister Adorer demands that she be �bread broken, in imitation of her Eucharistic Lord, for the marginalized that they might LIVE, because St. Maria Micaela firmly believed and proved to the world already in the 19 th century, that �women's liberation has to be achieved by women themselves'.

Maria Micaela, the Viscountess of Jorbalan, was born in January,1, 1809 in Madrid , Spain . In 1844, an encounter with a prostitute girl and her pathetic story gave this Noble Lady's life a new direction. Micaela set up rehabilitation centres to enable such girls to have a better future. The continuity of this Centre forced her to found a religious Congregation in 1856. Having learnt that the inmates of one of her Convent-centres fell victims of cholera, she rushed there to look after them, finally succumbed to the same illness and because a Martyr of Charity in 1865.

The Church acknowledged her heroism by beatifying her on June 7, 1925 and canonising her on March 4, 1934 . Today the Congregation is spread through four continents � 17 countries �. The congregation is pontifical. Countries of Mission : 17 countries, 15 Provinces. Spain, Italy, France, England, Portugal Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, India, Japan, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Cambodia. In India : Two Provinces � Mumbai & Kolkata. In Mumbai: 11 Communities spread in Kerala, Maharashtra , Goa , Kanataka.

Feast of the Congregation : Solemnity of St. Maria Micaela , - 15 th June, Feast of St. Maria Micaela , the Foundress - 25 th August
In fidelity to our Charism and as concrete expression of the Gospel value of love and compassion, announce the Good News of liberation and restore the Human Dignity to the Marginalized Women and girls and help them find new Hope and reason for living, by our committed options in favour of them


To Restore the Human Dignity of the Marginalized section of our society with greater and particular attention to those who are victims of prostitution and those in high risk, through movements and programmes that empower them, inspired by Micaela and prompted by an incarnated and inculturated spirituality
History of the Congregation in the diocese

The parish of Moothakara welcomed the first group of Sisters Adorers very cordially along with the Parish Priest Rev.Fr. John and parish council. With a simple ceremony the temporary house provided by the parish, was inaugurated Most Rev. Stanly Roman, Bishop of Quilon and was blessed by Rt.Rev. Joseph Fernandes who invited us to his diocese. Initially two Sisters viz Sr. Terese Ariyamannil and Sr. Mary Michael began the Socio-Pastoral works in the Parish of Moothakara and explored the need of evangelization especially among the youth, women and children, carrying their services to the families and society around. Today 5 Sisters are engaged in various activities of the parish and Diocese, experiencing God's special favour through the Eucharistic Adoration and cult.

Institutions (Convents) in the Diocese of Quilon:

Sisters Adorers, Women's Welfare Centre, MOOTHAKARA, Kollam 691013, Kerala , India Tel.No. 0474-2767550

Mission/ministries engaged in: Socio-Pastoral activities : Women's welfare, Home for the education of needy children; catechetical, Family apostolate, Professional counselling; Service in the Benzier Hospital , Quilon; Service at Quilon Social Service. Number of Houses in the diocese of Quilon: one at Moothakara. There are five sisters in the community.

Important Achievements
Realization of a Foundation at Moothakara, very much inserted in the locality.
- Opening of Women’s Welfare Centre
- Evangelisation and re-awakening of FAITH among the fisher folks of Moothakara
- Living with the people for the people
- Construction of a New Convent and Welfare centre at Moothakara
- Service to Tsunami victims in Kollam in 2004


Mother House: Madrid, Spain; Generlate: Rome
Sr. Maria Elisa Altadill Ardit
Superior General
Suore Adoratrici
Via Alessandro Torlonia, 6
00161 ROME
Tel. No. 06-44238991
Name, address, Telephone number of the Provincial [SuperiorMumbai Province]
Sr. Margily Kompan
Sisters Adorers Provincialate
Marol Maroshi Road,
Andheri (E)
MUMBAI 400059 Tel No. 022-28517925/28500509
E-Mail ID
Vocation Promoter: SR.ANNY KUNCHARAKAT
Sisters Adorers Provincial House
Marol Maroshi Road
Andheri (E)
Mumbai 400059
Tel: 28500509.E-mail
SISTERS ADORERS Provincial House, Marol maroshi Road,
Andheri (E), Mumbai 40059.
Tel/Fax No. 28517925/ 28500509
E-Mail ID
        5 ..........+++ The Sisters of the Holy Cross, Menzingen (HC) South Indian Province  +++ .......

This is the motto of the congregation, which unites us
Sisters of the Holy Cross spread over four continents,
many languages and cultures

Father of the Order

Patroness of the Order

Our Principle

Feast of the Congregation

St Francis of Assisi

St.Elizabeth of Hungary

�The need of the time is the will of God�

September 14, Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Our Founders (16.10.1844)

Mother Bernarda
1822-1863 Switzerland

Our Charism The Mystery of death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is central to our Charism as Sisters of the Holy Cross.We incarnate our Spirituality intoday’s society by committing ourselves tothepromotion of life,a holistic approach to persons, awakening hope in a dehumanised society and the transformation of the society through compassionate justice.
Fr Theodosius Florentini OFM Cap
1808 – 1865
History in brief

The Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, Menzingen, affiliated to the Franciscan Order, was founded by Rev.Fr.Theodosius Florentini OFM Cap and Mother Bernarda Heimgartner. in Menzingen , Switzerland in 1844.  Their aim was to fill up the gap between the Gospel values and the changing world of that time.  They perceived in the then existing social conditions spiritual and moral decline which needed to be dealt with in a Christian Spirit.  Education of girls who would become the future mothers, was the means they adopted to achieve their aim.

The Congregation was introduced in India / in 1906 to care for the sick in the Government hospitals at the request of the then ruling Maharaja of Travancore through Bishop Aloysius Maria Benziger  of happy memory.  The members are engaged in medical, social, educational, pastoral, catechetical and prison ministry.  The sisters conduct hospitals, dispensaries, community health centres, training schools for nurses and paramedicals,  T.B.Sanatoriums,  leprosy survey and treatment centres, hospices  for terminally ill cancer patients and work in hospitals of the Government and Church related organizations.  The sisters also teach in schools and co-operate in the pastoral and catechetical activities of the parishes. The Members conduct women empowerment programmes in collaboration with the non governmental organizations.

In Quilon

The Congregation was introduced in India/Kerala/Quilon in 1906 to care for the sick in the Government hospitals at the request of the then ruling Maharaja of Travancore, His Highness Sreemoolam Thirunal Ramavarma through Bishop Aloysius Maria Benziger.  On 15 th January 1906, while the Bishop of Quilon, Maria Aloisius Benziger O.C. D. of Einsiedeln was in Europe went to Menzingen and explained to Mother Maria Paula Beck the then Superior General , India's dire need for Sisters. Mother Maria Paula Beck promised to send the sisters to India . Ten sisters who gladly volunteered to come to India/Kerala/Quilon said good-bye to their mother land on 14 th October 1906 . The sisters were staying with the Carmelite Sisters at St Josephs' Convent, Tuet, Quilon, till Government quarters would be built for them. All the sisters were appointed to the Government hospitals in the State. In 1913 Bishop Benziger called for sisters to take charge of the orphanage for the boys at Ithikara (Kottiyam). Mother Paulina gladly took up this mission and then on Ithikara became the residence of the Superior of Indian Vicariate. It was on November 2 nd 1951 that the land at Kottiyam was donated by His Excellency Rt Rev Bishop Jerome Fernandez. The foundation stone for the Holy Cross Dispensary was laid at Kottiyam by His Lordship, Biishop of Quilon on 30 th December 1951 . The formal opening of the dispensary took place on 27 th August 1952 . Thirty patients were attended to on the first day. The building for the Provincial House also was built in the course of time and was blessed on 17 th October 1953 . In 1955 the mission of the Holy Cross Sisters was extended to Sri Lanka . The Province grew rapidly, the members were increased and many convents were opened in different states of India . In 1990 the Indian Province was divided into three provinces namely, South Indian Province (States of Kerala and Tamil Nadu), Central Indian Province (States of Karnataka and Andhra) and North Indian Province (States of Uttarpradesh, Maharashtra , Meghalaya and Jammu& Kashmir).

At present the South Indian Province which consists of Kerala and Tamil Nadu has 3 stations and 381 sisters.

There are six houses in the diocese of Quilon and 176 sisters working in the diocese

Our Charism The Mystery of death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is central to our Charism as Sisters of the Holy Cross.We incarnate our Spirituality intoday’s society by committing ourselves tothepromotion of life,a holistic approach to persons, awakening hope in a dehumanised society and the transformation of the society through compassionate justice.


Mother House – Menzingen, Switzerland

Name of the Superior General: Sr Anne Roch
Nationality Swiss
Address: Sisters of the Holy Cross (Menzingen)
Schweizerhausstrasse 6
CH-6006 Luzern

Tel: 0041 41 41 84100
Fax: 41 04251

Provincial superior: Sr. Josepha Kandathil Provincialate
Sisters of the Holy Cross-
South Indian Province
Quilon 691 001
Kerala, S. India
Tel: 0474 2742050
Fax: 743910


Holy Cross Convent (Estd: 1906)
Quilon 691 001
Tel. 0474 2740315
Holy Cross Convent (Estd: 1952)
Kottiyam P.O. 691 571
Tel. 0474 2530091
Nirmala Formation House
Kottiyam P.O. 691 571
Tel: 0474 2530031
Holy Cross Convent Estd: 1966
Neendakara 691582
Tel:0476 2680493

Holy Cross Convent Estd: 1995
Parumala 689 626
Pathanamthitta Dt.
Tel: 0479 2314929
Health Care Institutions
Holy Cross Hospital Estd:1952
Kottiyam 691 571
Tel: 0474 2530121 – 4
Fax 0474 2530531


Courses conducted in Holy Cross Hospital , Kottiyam

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
Diploma in Radiology
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT)
Bachelor of Medical Imaging Technology (BMIT)
Bachelor of Health Information Administration (BHIA)

College of Nursing

Social Welfare activities/Women Uplift Programmes

Holy Cross College of Nursing – Estd: 2002
Kottiyam 691 571
Tel: 0474 2530624

Anugraha Electronic Centre Estd: 1998
Neendakara P.O. 691 582
Tel: 0476 2686260

Nazareth Welfare Centre Estd: 1988
Kottiyam P.O. 691 571
Tel: 0474 2530111
6...........+++ Order of The Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration.(P.C.P.A.) +++................
Founder / Foundress
As Second Order of St. Francis and Poor Clares, our Founders are Saints Francis and Clare. As Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration, our Foundress is Mother Marie Claire Bouille, in the 19 th century in France . She was of French origin.The order was founded on December 8, 1854 at Paris . It enjoys the status of the Pontifical Order of Autonomous houses.

From Paris , the community shifted to Troyes in France . Initially it belonged to the Third Order Regular, but on September 20, 1889 , Pope Leo XIII gave the approval for its acceptance into the 2 nd Order of St. Francis, enjoying Papal Enclosure. The Order then spread into Austria at Vienna , Germany and Poland . From Vienna was opened the first of the five monasteries in America at Cleveland . The first Foundation of the Cleveland Monastery was at Dacca in 1933, then India now Bangladesh . From this monastery in Dacca was born this monastery in Quilon on May 31, 1946 , at the invitation of Rt. Rev. Dr. Jerome M. Fernandez. This monastery in Quilon has given rise to eleven more monasteries in India . The present strength of our community in Quilon is 31 inclusive of postulants.

The Order celebrates the Feasts of St. Clare and of Corpus Christi .

Charism : Reparative Thanksgiving through perpetual Adoration of our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament Solemnly exposed.

Superior : Mother Mary Joseph Nazareth, Adoration Monastery, Quilon 691 001

7.........+++ The Teresian Carmelites.(C.T.C.) +++...........
Rev. Mother Eliswa ( India )

The Congregation of Teresian Carmelites was founded in Koonammavu in the Archdiocese of Verapoly, by Mother Eliswa and Canonically erected by His Lordship, Bishop Bernardine Baccinelli O.C.D., Vicar Apostolic of the then Vicariate Apostolic of Verapoly, on 13 February 1866. On 28 th June 1971 the congregation was elevated to the status of an institute of Pontifical right with a Decree issued by this Discatery. There are 1200 members in the congregation-distributed among 5 Provinces and one Region. There are 299 candidates including postulants and Novices. 141 houses are there in the Congregation in and outside India .

The specific aim of the congregation is a total dedication of service of the church by the exercise of the apostolate of Prayer and sacrifice, of missionary activities, Christian education and the performance of various other works of charity. October 15 is the Congregation day, Feast of our Holy Mother St. Teresa's Birthday of Mother Eliswa.

There are 5 Provinces and 1 Region: St. Joseph 's Province, Deva Matha Province , Amala Province , Avila Province , Lisieux Province and Carmel Matha Region.

In Quilon : The Congregation started their services in the Diocese of Quilon in the year 1973. The first convent is Vimala Rani Convent, Chemmakkad, Perinad, Quilon. There are three houses in the Diocese of Quilon. The sisters engage in teaching, helping Bishop and Parish Priests in their ministry and social work. There are about 20 sisters working in the diocese of Quilon. Houses in Quilon belong to devamatha Province .


Vimala Rani Convent
Chemmakkad, Perinad
Quilon –691 603. Ph: 0474-2552067
Institution under the Convent:-
Vimala Rani Social Centre - Nursery
St. Mary’s Convent
Pullichira P.O., 691 304
Quilon. Ph: 0474-2527829
Institution under the Convent:-
St. Mary’s English Medium L.P.and U.P School
St. Therese of Leisure Convent
Kottappuram, Quilon.
Ph: 0474-2527829
Institution under the Convent:-
Superior General:  V. Rev. Mother Albina,
St. Joseph’s Vidyabhavan,
Edappilly, Kochi –682 024,
Kerala, India.
Phone:0484-2540709 (p)
0484-2555255, 2559528 (c)

Provincial Superior : Rev. Sr. (Dr.) Soosamma,
Deva Matha Provincialate,
Fathima Matha Convent.
Kottayam –686 001, Kerala , India .
Phone: 0481-2564537, Mob. 9447061377
E-mail :

8...............+++ The Carmelites of St.Teresa (C.S.S.T.) +++.................
Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima (1858-1902), Nationality- Indian, Born in Madras ( George Town ) 29-1-1958
In the year 1878 - 1879 when the transfer and division of the Vicariate took place, The Italian Carmelite Mission decided to continue their mission in the Vicariate of Verapoly. At that time there were also Carmelite convents in North Malabar and these were given the option to continue their mission under the Jesuits or with the Carmelites. Mother Magdalene of French origin desired to work with the Carmelite fathers. In order to start a Convent in Alleppey desired by Fr. Alphonsus, Mother Magdalene was entrusted and given the help of a lady named Grace to manage the linguistic difficulties who arrived at Alleppey in 1879 taking charge of the school and later became a Carmelite religious and took the name of Sr. Teresa of St Rose of Lima (1883). In the year 1887, The Italian Carmelite Mission decided to start a convent in Ernakulam in the Arch Diocese of Verapoly. His Excellency Rt. Rev.Dr.Bishop Leonard Mellano invited Sr. Teresa of St. Rose of Lima from Alleppey Mission to start a convent (A Religious Congregation) and also start a Catholic School for girls. She accordingly arrived at Ernakulam, accompanied by her two-step sisters, both of whom later joined her in the Religious life. On April 24th 1887 she occupied a private house, where found the humble beginning of our congregation. Mother Teresa, like a grain of wheat worked tirelessly for the congregation and was called to her eternal reward on 12th September 1902 , through an unforgettable train accident at Mangapatna in Andhra Pradesh (Bishop Benziger too met with the same accident but miraculously escaped). The Congregation comprises four Provinces - Kerala, Tamil Nadu, KarnatakaTotal number of convents: 115. Total number of sisters: 832. Feast of the Congregation:Feast of our lady of Mount Carmel (July 16th), Feast of St. Teresa of Avila (October 15th). Now it is of Pontifical rite ( 15-02-1951 ).  
Mission Areas : Africa , USA , S. America & UAE
Provinces : Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, North Province
Kerala Province : -St.Teresa's Provincialate, Kochi
Charism : An experience of God's providential love through contemplation shared with all, particularly the less privileged, the marginalized and the oppressed.
In Quilon
Our Lady Help of Christians, Eravipuram (1946): In 1684 Eravipuram became an independent parish. Till 1910 the parish church was the existing convent chapel. In October 11th 1946 His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Jerome Fernandez. Bishop of Quilon, invited the Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa to establish a convent in the parish of Eravipuram to take up the English Middle and Malayalam Primary schools of the parish and for pastoral work among the parishioners chiefly women, girls and children. Rev.Fr.Francis Hironimus was asked to vacate the parochial house and hand it over together with the old church, to the sisters.
Our Lady Help of Christians Convent
Eravipuram P.O, Kollam-691011
Institution-O.L.H.C. Convent & Orphanage, Eravipuram
Fatima Convent Neendakara (1949): In response to the invitation from Bishop Jerome another convent was opened in Neendakara on April 27th 1949 . The first community comprised four sisters namely, Mother Magdalene, Sr.Helen, Sr.Bertha and Sr.Flora.
Fatima Convent
Neendakara P.O, Kollam-691582
Institution - (a) Fatima Home Neendakara
(b) St. Agnes G.H.S Neendakara (Local Manager is the Superior of Fatima convent).
One of our sisters is working as the Headmistress of St.Sebastian'sL.P.S Neendakara, which is under the parish.
There are thirteen sisters working in the Diocese
Our mission being to restore human dignity to the broken and marginalized through the CSST presence and their Empowerment, we are engaged in the following apostolate: Education : Nursery, Primary, High Schools and Institutions of Higher Education. / Social Apostolate: Care of orphans, Care of underprivileged children,Care of aged and destitute,Health care, Prison ministry, Caring for the terminally ill. / Pastoral Work: Faith formation,Catechetics,Family apostolate,Youth ministry, B.C.C programs. Overseas mission : Education,Pastoral work,Working for the poor and marginalized,The aged and the infirm.
Mother House: St. Teresa's Convent Ernakulam
Generalate: St. Teresa's Generalate Bangalore
Superior General: Sr. M. Victorine CSST
St.Teresa's Generalate
Gedalahalli, Kothanur Post
Tel. 080-28465465

Provincial superior: Sr. Mary Estelle CSST
St. Teresa’s Provincialate
B.M.C Post, Kochi, Kerala
9.............+++ The Missionary Sisters of The Queen of The Apostles (S.R.A.) +++..................

Our Congregation of Pontifical Right bears the name: Congregatio Missionalis Sororum Reginae Apostolorum � S.R.A. The patroness of our Congregation is Mary, Queen of the Apostles. Under her guidance, we participate in the mission of Christ and His Church. According to the wish of the founders, Evangelization of India especially North India is given priority in all the undertakings of the Congregation. We engage in teaching, healing, social, pastoral and catechetical activities.

During the second half of the last Century, A German Jesuit and missionary, Father Antonius Maria Bodewig, received a �call within his call�. Working in the Mission territory of the German Jesuit Province in Bombay , India , during the years 1873 -1876, Fr.Bodewig very soon felt the need to intensify the work of direct Evangelization in India . He thought of the foundation of a Missionary Society, specially devoted to the Evangelization of India and concretely of Banares in North India . He felt himself strangely drawn to this city, which was considered the Centre of religious India and the heart of Hinduism.After a prolonged and mature discernment to know the Will of God, he left the Jesuit Society in1888 and started in his hometown Cologne the foundation of the �Missionary Society of the Immaculate Conception�.

There was no lack of zeal on his part, as the many young men and women gathered around him, show. But several unfortunate co-incidences, caused by the particular situation of his time, let the undertaking end in �failure�, since the approval from the hierarchy did not come forward. Fr.Antonius Maria Bodewig died in Rome on 8 th January 1915 , as a consequence of physical hardships, more still of his interior sufferings, which he had to endure, his vision unfulfilled.

Fr.Bodewig's charism lived on in his brothers and sisters, who remained faithful to him, until his death and beyond. Already in the year 1906, a group sent by him to Vienna , founded in the year 1916 in the City of Vienna the pious Association �Catholic Mission work for India .� The great promoter and soul of this undertaking was Dr.Theodore Innitzer, Professor of Theology in the University of Vienna . It was he, who gave every encouragement to the pioneers, mainly, Brother Paul Sontag (later father), who led the group of Brothers, Mother M.Xaveria Blas, who became the first Superior General of the Congregation, Mother Theresia Gromoeller of Mariaveld and Mother Jerome Willmes, who was one of the Pioneers in India.

Dr.Innitzer was inspired by the enthusiasm of the group and their dedication to the cause of India . He was further inspired by the missionary Pope Leo XIII and his encyclical of 24 th June 1893 . He led the started work and brought it to the canonical erection as a Missionary Society in the City of Vienna . The canonical approval of the diocesan �Missionary Society of the Queen of the Apostles� was granted by His Eminence, Cardinal Dr.Gustav Piffl,Archbishop of Vienna, on the 1 st July 1923 . Cardinal Innitzer was appointed the Superior of the new society and remained the spiritual Father of the sisters until his death on the 9 th October 1955 .

It is important to mention that our congregation had a male branch. In 1923, the male branch of the Society of �Queen of Apostles� took charge of the pastoral care of the parish church in Gugging. As early as 1 st October 1925 , there was a separation of administration of the male branch and the female branch. The sisters had an independent administration.The post-war conditions in Austria , the development of Nazism in 1934, the occupation of Austria by Hitler in 1938 and the outbreak of the World War II in 1939, necessitated that several of the brothers be inducted into military service. This considerably lessened the number of members in the society. Besides this, lack of good leadership and some other factors led to the final dissolution of the male branch in 1954.

Vision is an integrated human society, living in freedom, justice and peace

is to witness and proclaim the compassionate love of God to all especially the women, the marginalized and the vulnerable people in the society empowering them to create a new world order.

Feast of the Congregation : The first Saturday during the novena in preparation for the Feast of Pentecost.

Countries of Mission : Austria , Germany , Slowakia , Philippines , & India

Mother House & Generalate: Austria - Vienna

The CHARISM of our Congregation is the proclamation of the COMPASSIONATE LOVE OF GOD to the poor and marginalized of the society especially the women.
Superior General: Sr.M. Callista Panachickal S.R.A.
Tel. 0043 1 4862550 / 29
Address: Mother House & Generalate
Kreuzwiesengasse 9,
A-1170 - Vienna,
In Quilon

At present we have 52 houses in two Provinces of North India and 48 in the South Indian Provinces, 13 in European countries and 5 houses in the Philippines . Southern Province was formed on 22 nd February 1997 . It consists of the houses in Kerala and Tamilnadu. There are 15 houses in this province. Houses in Quilon belong to Southern Province. Our Provincialate is at Anchal, Punalur.

Provincial Superior : Sr.M. Lucius Thomas S.R.A., Cherupushpa Nivas, Anapuzhackal, Anchal P.O., Tel. 0475 - 2271358, 2272003

Mission / Ministries engaged in Quilon

The main area of our mission thrust is empowerment of women and Children. There are 25 sisters serving in the Diocese.

Healing ministry: Hospitals, Primary health centers, Mobile clinics, dispensaries, medical camps, etc.

Education: mainly pre-primary and primary schools, Adult literacy programme, free tuition classes, free boarding for girls, tailoring schools for women, school for the blind and hearing impaired and physically challenged, Home for unwed mothers, Widows association, Children's home, home for the aged, leprosy rehabilitation centre, Catechetical, Social and Pastoral work in the villages and parishes.


St.Joseph's Convent Charummood, is the first house in Quilon Diocese. Now it belongs to Punalur Diocese. The main activities are, Orphanage, school, free boarding for girls, Hostel for working women, Catechetical and social work. Besides these, sisters concentrate in faith formation, pastoral and social apostolate in the mission stations of Charummood Parish.

Deva Mata Convent Vaddy, was opened in 1962. The main apostolate here is education. In 1964 we began Malayalam Medium Nursery and English medium Nursery and primary school mainly for the children of the coastal area. Now the Eng. Medium is functioning as Junior Section to Trinity Lyceum. Keeping the charism of the founder, we began a Tailoring class. Many women mainly from the locality are trained here and find their livelihood. Besides these, sisters are engaged in catechetical, pastoral and social work in the parish.

Address: Deva Mata Convent, Vaddy, Quilon-691 013. Ph: 2795837

Uphara Mata Niketan East Kallada , Koduvila was opened in 1974. The main apostolate is health care. Uphara Mata hospital is functioning close to the convent. One wing of the hospital is now serving as female home for the aged. Malayalam Medium Nursery and a Weaving centre for women were begun. Two years ago, due to some technical problems we had to close down the weaving centre. Sisters actively involve in all the apostolate of the parish.

Address: Uphara Mata Niketan, East Kallada, Koduvila P.O. – 691 502, Ph: 2585146 ,Uphara Mata Hospital,Koduvila. Ph: 2585226
10...........+++ The Sisters of Visitation Congregation of Alleppey (S.V.C.) +++................

The Congregation was founded by Very Rev. Fr. Sebastian Lawrence Casmir Presentation on January 29 th 1929 with the permission of his Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Bento Martin Ribeiro, with the Co-operation of the Visitation Congregation of Kottayam. The founder is an Indian. The heavenly patron is St. Francis De Sales and patroness is St. Jane De Chandal. May 31 st � Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to St. Elizabeth is the feast day

Fr. Sebastian started the Holy Family Visitation Convent at Kattoor of the Diocese of Cochin on 29 th January 1924 , which developed into a Diocesan Congregation. It was canonically erected as an independent congregation by His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Jose Vicira Alvernez in 8 th May 1945. When the Diocese of Cochin was bifurcated and the Diocese of Alleppey was established on 19 th June 1952 , our congregation juridically belonged to the Diocese of Alleppey. The spirit of the congregation is primarily to achieve God experience like St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal. The perfect example of this is found in Mary �Virgin of the Visitation�. The founding The sisters are also engaged in the Evangelization of the people, healing ministry looking after the old and infirm run girls homes. Social welfare and integral development of the poor and the marginalized. It was raised to Pontifical Right in 2003. Now the Visitation Congregation has 43 convents in 18 Dioceses

In Quilon
There are two convents in the diocese. There are nine sisters working in the diocese.
1. Chantal Madom, Kadavoor (Regional House) established on 1st June 1974
2. St. Michael’s Visitation Convent, Karali Junction, Pattkadavu, Sasthamkotta. Estd. On 17th June 1990.
Charism of the congregation is education and formation children and youth, particularly girls, with special love and concern of the poor among them.
Mother House : Holy Family Convent, Kattoor, Alleppey
Generalate : Visitation Generalate, Alleppey
The Superior General:
Rev. Sr. Mary Caroline
Visitation Generalate, Vazhicherryward
Alleppey –688 001
Kerala State
Tel. Ph: 0474 2244739
Kadavoor Convent: Sr. Susan Gerald SVC
Regional Superior
St. Joseph’s Visitation Region
Chantal Madom, Mathilil P.O,
Perinad, Kollam –691 601
Tel. 0474-2705025
11............+++ The Sisters of St. Anne of Tiruchirapalli (S.A.T.) +++............
Rev. Mother Annammal, Indian, a Young Tamil widow, First Superior General (1858 – 1883) Date of Foundation: 02-02-1858 / Place of Foundation: Tiruchirapalli

Rev. Msgr. Alexis Canoz, S.J. the first Bishop of Tiruchirapalli erected it canonically as a diocesan Congregation on 26 th July 1880 . It has been raised to the Pontifical status on December 17, 1977 . We devote ourselves chiefly to the service of orphans, abandoned babies, unwed mothers, the Physically handicapped and the mentally retarded and in general the poor and the despised. We also conduct educational and technical institutions. We have been involving in social, Medical, Catechetical and evangelization works. Sisters undertake community development projects, literacy and adult education Programmes and village adoption. The spirit of mission has spread on its own to different countries ( Italy , Iran , Libya ). This Congregation is Pontifical.

At present the Congregation has got 5 Provinces and the number of our communities has risen remarkably to 179 with the personnel strength of 980 professed sisters, to be well supported in future by 191 ardent souls who are under formation now.

Charism of the Congregation is �Simplicity in life; Service to the poor�

Feast of the Congregation: July 26 th � Feast of St. Anne

Countries of Mission : India , Italy , Libya , Iran

In Quilon
Year of Advent to Quilon : We have only one convent at Sakthikulangara. Our Convent was established on 04-12-1974 at Sakthikulangara. Sakthikulangara Convent belongs to the Maria Province of S.A.T. - Madurai . Our Sisters are doing Educational, Social and Pastoral works in the Diocese. Mission/Ministries engaged are Educational, Social, Evangelical, Medical and Rehabilitation. We focus on helping the poor, Widows, Orphans, Physically and Mentally Handicapped. We run a School named St. Anne's English Medium School at Sakthikulangara. The total Number of our Sisters working in this Diocese is 8

Address: St. Anne's Convent, Sakthikulangara, Quilon �Dt.691 581

Superior General  Sr. Edwige, S.A.T.
Address St. Anne’s Generalate
12 A Pushpa Colony
Tiruchirapalli –620 012.
Tel. Ph. 0431-2472547
Fax 0431-2472448
The Provincial Superior:Rev. Sr. Patris, S.A.T.
St. Anne’s Provincialate
7th street, Ansarinagar
Madurai – 625 010
Tel. 0452 -2602853

12............+++ The Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany, Mangalore.(B.S.) +++.............
Rt. Rev. Msgr. Raymond Francis Camillus Mascarenhas. ( 23-10-1875 � 23-12-1960 .)

He is of Indian nationality. The Congregation was founded on 16-10-1921 . Founder's desire was to have �the Gospel preached to the poor� (Lk. 4:18 ). He was the first parish priest of St. Sebastian's Church, Bendur, Mangalore in the state of Karnataka , India . He keenly felt the pressing need of education for the poor especially the girls and women specially in rural areas. The founder presented his ideas and inspirations to Bishop Paul Perini S.J. the then ordinary of Mangalore. Supported by his encouragement the founder sowed the seed of this indigenous Congregation known as the: �Congregation of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany, Mangalore�. At present there are 152 convents in 24 states in India ; in abroad Africa , Turkey , Germany , Italy and Rome .

The Charism and the Spirit of our Institute : It is rooted in the mystery of the Incarnation and annunciation It finds its expression in the discipleship and service of Martha, Mary and Lazarus of Bethany and the missionary zeal of the Child Jesus known as Little Flower of Jesus.

Feast of the Congregation is on July 29 th � Feast of St. Martha. It has got the Status of Pontifical.
In Quilon

The Congregation established its convent in Kerala on 12-09-1938 , at West Hill, Calicut It has stepped its foot in Quilon on 31-05-1981 in Thalamukil, St Augustine 's Parish. Bethany Convent, Thalamukil was started in the year of 1981 May 31 st in a rented house of one of the parishioners. Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Fernandez the then ordinary blessed the house and six sisters formed the new community. Two of them were appointed in the L.P. School of the Corporate Management of this Quilon Diocese. A nursery School and a needlework class were started. At present we are engaged in Pastoral and educational apostolate. We intend to begin some social apostolate in the coming year. There are five sisters in the Community. We belong to Southern Province, Bethany Provincial House, Calicut 673 017

Address : Thalamukil, Puthukkad Post, Quilon - 691 585

Mother House Bethany Convent, Mangalore.
Generalate Bethany Generalate
Superior General Sr. M. Jyoti B.S.
Bethany Generalate
Post Box No. 593
Mangalore, D.K. 575 002
Phone : 0824-2218923, 2222405
The Provincial Superior Sr. M. Theresild B.S.
Bethany Provincial House
Chevayur, Calicut 673 017
Phone : 0495 - 2355936
13...........+++ The Sisters of St. Ann of Providence (S.S.A.P.) +++...........

Carlo Tancredi Falletti di Barolo and Julia Colbert (Couple) / Co-Foundress : Blessed Mother Enrichetta Dominici


The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Ann was founded in Turin in Italy in 10 th December 1834 , by the Marquis Carlo Tancredi Falletti di Barolo and Julia Colbert. Vision and Mission Statements: Listening to the word of God, we evaluate our consecrated Identity as sisters of St. Ann to give a possibility of future to the Charism of our Institute.

Charism : �To the education and Christian formation of children and young girls�.

Feast of the Congregation: 26 th July

In Quilon

The community at Kannanallore was founded in 1996 with 3 sisters. There are two parishes � Kannanallore and Mylakkad, with two and one substation respectively consisting of about 1150 Catholic Families. Sisters are actively involving in the apostolic and catechetical activities of the two parishes. And also we are having an English Medium School from L.K.G. to IVth Standard. At present we are 7 sisters, three are teaching in the Diocesan School .

Address St. Ann’s Convent
Kannanallore P.O.,Quilon 691 576, Phone 0474-2502687, Institution St. Ann’s English Medium School, Kanalloore P.O., Quilon _691 576

Mother House Turin in Italy

Generalate Rome

The Superior General Mother Mary Framceschina Hilanesio
Address Instituto Saint Anna
Via degli Aldobrandeschi, 100
Telephone 06/,
Superior General 06/66 418350 (FAX)
Brazil , Mother Enrichetta
Telephone 04114/220310
Fax 04114/220324

14............+++ The Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo (S.C.B.) +++...........

The Congregation of sisters of St. Charles Borromeo was founded in 1684, by Fr. Adrien Bresy, parish priest of Wez ( Belgium ). He was a fervent and zealous priest who wished to give the poor children of his parish the benefit of Christian education. He gathered together five ladies to associate them in his project. From the very beginning, with the approval of the Bishop the first sisters with one mind and heart formed a community under the direction of a superior appointed by the Bishop. St. Charles Borromeo was chosen as patron of our Congregation because of his great love for the Church and the poor, his life of austerity and hard work and because his death centenary was being celebrated that year. Following his footsteps our first sisters soon deserved to be known as �Daughters of the Church'. Until 1835 the number of sisters was fixed at 20; this explains the slow development of our Congregation. Feast of the Congregation is on November 4 th. It is Pontifical and Our Mother house is in Belgium .

Countries of Mission : Belgium , Argentina , Africa , Poland , Italy , India . We have six Provinces, three in abroad and three in India . We belong to Madras Province and Our Provincialate is in Madras .

Charism �The Charism of the sisters of St. Charles Borromeo is to incarnate the compassionate love of God for all people, especially the poor and the marginalized through Christian education in all our ministries�.
In Quilon

Our Congregation started in India on 30 th December 1929 at Ranipet. We came to Kerala in 1992, and in Kollam in 1995.We have only one house in Quilon Diocese that is in Perumon, and here we have a School. There are six sisters working in the Diocese of Quilon.

Address : St. Charles Convent, Cittayam, Inchavila (P.O), Perinad, Quilon �691 601, Tel. 0474-2703017

Superior General: Mother Benadicta Lobo
Address Religieuses de St. Charles,.
Rue du Chauchoir, 33
Phone Number 0032-69345
The Provincial Superior: Rev. Sr. Christy Saroj
Adrien Villa
19, Surapattu Main Road, Kolathur (P.O)
Chennai –600 099
Phone: 044 –25562878, 25562800
15..........+++ The Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent De Paul (D.C.) +++.............

St. Vincent De Paul and St. Louise De Marillac, November 29, 1933 founded the Company of the Daughters of Charity is not erected as a Religious Congregation. It is a Society in which the members live in common, under the Rule of Superiors in accordance with approved Constitutions and Rules; their vows are not public but privileged; they come under title XVII of the Code of Canon Law. The Daughters of Charity form a Society of Pontifical Right, subject to the authority of the Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission and, by a special Apostolic privilege, exemption from the Jurisdiction of the Local Ordinaries as are exempt nuns, with the limitation determined by Canon Law and by the Constitutions. The special end of the company is to honor Our Lord Jesus Christ as source and model of all Charity, serving Him Corporally and Spiritually in the person of the poor. Canonically the members of this Company are clled �Daughters of Charity, Servants of the Sick Poor�. They are also sometimes known as �Sisters of St. Vincent De Paul�

Charism � Service of the poor

From the beginning the Sisters answered the call of perennial forms of Poverty, which still exist in our times. They care for all types of sick people, they teach in Schools, they look after children and young people, they work for the elderly and for refugees, but added to these works they respond to poverty in its new guises; drugs and their after effects, AIDS, prisoners and the serious consequences of the break down of family life; Women who are the victims of violence, children with problem, unemployment and its consequences, and the work done from time to time, when there are natural Catastrophes, or wars when people are displayed from their homes.

Countries of Mission � 93 / Provinces � 78

Feast of the Congregation: September 27 th , Feast of St. Vincent De Paul, Our Founder.

In Quilon

Year of advent to India : 1940 / Kerala : 25-01-1978 / Quilon : 25-01-1978

The Congregation of the Daughters of Charity was established in the Diocese of Quilon in 1978. St. Vincent 's House, in the Parish of Keralapuram was inaugurated by Rt. Rev. Msgr. Jerome Fernandez, the Bishop of Quilon. According to the needs of the area the sisters began their missionary activities in the Parish. There are five sisters in the community.

•  Tailoring Center was opened on 6-2-78 . More than 650 girls have completed their tailoring course in this center.

•  Nursery School was started on 5-6-1978 . in 1993 the management of the School was given to the Vincentian Fathers (Congregation of the Mission ). At present two sisters are teaching in the School.

•  Midday Lunch for the poor children of the Locality began on 11-2-80 .

•  Home for Aged and Destitute was opened on 27 th September1985, by Bishop Joseph G. Fernandez. More than 60 inmates had lived in this Home. At present there are 18 inmates in the Home

•  Initial formation of Candidates

- The Sisters are involved in the Pastoral work such as teaching, Catechism, Family Apostolate, Guiding Pious Associations, like K.C.Y.M., Marian Youth Association etc. At

- Home for the Aged and Destitute, Tailoring Center , Pastoral work, Teaching, Catechism, Guiding Pious associations like, K.C.Y.M., B.C.C. Marian youth association etc.

Address: St. Vincent’s House
Perumpuzha P.O., Keralapuram, Kollam Dist. Kerala, India.Tel. Phone : 0474-2547480
St. Vincent’s Home for the Aged and Destitutes, Perumpuzha, P.O – 691 504, Keralapuram, Kollam Dist., Kerala, India
Mother House / Generalate – France.
Rev. Sr. Evelyne Franc DC
Maison Mere,
140, rue du Bac
75340 Paris, Cedex 07
Tel. Phone: (33) 1.45481013
The Provincial Superior
Rev. Sr. Mary Kunnappally D.C.
St. Vincent’s Provincialate
Banaswadi Road, Cook Town
Bangalore –560 005
Tel. Phone Provincial 080-5497879
Provincialate 080-5465458
16............+++ The Sisters of Our Lady of the Mission (R.N.D.M.) +++............
Euphrasie Barbier ( 4 th January 1829 � 18 th January 1893 ) French Nationality

The Congregation of Our Lady of the Missions is an inter-national missionary Congregation of women Founded in Lyon � France on 25 th December 1861 , by a courageous and visionary young woman � Euphrasie Barbier. Her profound insight into the mission of the Trinity and her deeply contemplative spirit enabled her to recognize God's immense love and unique call to share the good news of God's reign with people of all nations and cultures.

Charism of the Congregation, Vision and Mission statements .

We give our lives as RNDMs we witness, in our loving, sharing and deep listening to a life of chastity, poverty and obedience, as a sign to all, that only in God are our deepest longings fulfilled.One with our foundress Euphrasie Barbier and one with each other we live the grace of our baptismal longing in contemplation, communion and mission � our charism - for the sake of Justice right relationship with God, Self and Others.

Feast of the Congregation : Feast of Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, May 31 st . It is pontifical in status.

Countries of Mission & Provinces: Africa : Kenya , Senegal .Asia : Bangladesh , India , Myanmar , Philippines , Vietnam. Europe: Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Romania .Latin America : Bolvia , Peru. North America : Canada .Pacific: Australia , New Zealand , Paupua , New Guinea , Samoa

In Quilon

The Sisters of our Lady of the Missions came to Quilon Diocese in 1989. There was a standing invitation since 1975 to open a house in Quilon and this became a reality on September 3 rd 1989 . We belong to the South Indian Province . The Sisters had a warm welcome from his Excellency Bishop Joseph G. Fernandez who offered us every possible help. The good people of Mangad extended wholehearted support to us and we are happy in this mission. The Congregation found its way to India in 1883 when its first house was opened in Chittagong , then part of British India . We are actively involved in the formal education and it is a great need of the area. We are running an I.C.S.E. School , which is a boon to the local people. It is highly appreciated. Two of our sisters are engaged in the healing ministry-in Benzigar Hospital . We run a homeo dispensary for the poor people. Sisters are also actively involved in the Parish Ministry. Animating prayer groups, preparing the students and others for the sacraments, Sunday catechism, Visiting the families in the Parish especially those of the sick and aged. There are five sisters in the community. We managed to build up good relationships with people around us. Through our various activities in the Parish people are better aware of their Christian faith and religious duties.

Address: Preshitha Matha Convent, Mangad P.O., Kollam �691 015, Institutions � Preshitha Matha School (I.C.S.E.)

Generalate :  Rome.
Rev. Sr. Maureen McBride
Soure di Nostra Signora Delle Missioni
Casa Generalizia
Via-di Bravetta 628
Tel. Phone: 0666158400
The Provincial Superior:
Sr. Mary Stephine (Prov. Superior)
Mariam Nilaya Convent
Banaswadi P.O.,
Bangalore –560 043
Tel. Phone : 080 25456345
17..........+++ Sisters for the Reparation to the Holy Face of Our Lord Jesus Christ. (HOLY FACE) (B.R.S.V.) +++.............
Founder of the Congregation

Abbot Hilbrand Gregory (O.S.B.S) (1894-1985)


At the end of the World War II (1945 �1946), and through circumstances later confirmed as providential, Abbot Hilbrand Gregory took in some poor and abandoned children, offering them complete assistance. In a short time an impressive charitable movement was born, for which Fr. Gregory availed himself of the assistance not only of his brothers but also of the first nucleus of young persons wishing to consecrate themselves to God through service to abandoned children and youth. Founded in 1950 as a pious society, the new religious institute was established as a religious congregation under diocesan jurisdiction in 1973 and, five years later, on February 7 th , 1978 , was recognized as a congregation under pontifical jurisdiction. The congregation presently includes fifteen religious communities in Italy , two houses in India , one in Poland one in Romania and one in Africa , almost entirely dedicated to assistance to the sick in their privately owned hospitals, and education of children especially the neediest adolescents, and young people. It is a Pontifical Congregation.

Charism: �Reparation to the holy face of Jesus, through the Benedictine spirituality �ora et labora' (prayer and work)

The glory of God; Personal holiness; the good of souls
To live and promote the spiritually of the holy face.�

Feast : Every year the feast is celebrated on the day before Ash Wednesday

Countries of mission : Italy , India , Poland , Romania and Africa

In Quilon

Year of advent to India : 26-01-1993 . To fulfill a dream long cherished by Abbot Gregory The religious congregation founded by him has established the holy face convent in Tangasseri, the diocese of Quilon, in the state of Kerala , India .' There are nine sisters in two convents.

They engage in teaching Catechesis in Holy Cross Parish, Tangasseri, Teaching Catechesis in Holy Family Church , Karichal, visiting BCC units, Working in the diocesan hospital.


Holy Face Charitable Society, Computer Education at Tangasseri

Abbot Gregory English Medium School at Karichal, Mavelikkara

Holy Face Convent,
Tangassery, Quilon,
Kerala, India –691 007
Ph. 0474-2796156. Fax. 0474-2793717
Redemptoris Mater Convent,
Karichal, Kerala, India
Ph. 0479-2418971

Mother house: Casa 1'assunta, Bassano Romano (viterbo) Italy
Generalate: Casa deo gratias via Della Conciliazione. 15, Rome , Italy
Phone: 0039066864728

18.........+++ Sisters of Handmaids of the Merciful Love (E.A.M.) +++...........
Mother Esperanza Alhama Valera

who was born in Spain on September 30 th 1893.On Christmas Eve 1930, in Madrid � Spain , she founded the Congregation of the Handmaids of the Merciful Love. On August 15 th 1951 in Rome , she founded the Sons of the Merciful Love. Mother Esperanza died in Italy on February 8 th 1983 . During the process of canonization, the Church has recognized Mother Esperanza's heroic virtues and, on April 22 nd 2002 , proclaimed her Venerable.

Charism : Holy Spirit imparted to our Foundress affirms that God is a �Father full of goodness who seeks by every means to comfort help and give happiness to his sons, who follows them and seeks them out with untiring love, as if He could not be happy without them.�

We have preference for the education of the poor and abandoned children, for humble people, outcast and handicapped. For young elderly and sick who are most in need. We believe in the strength of the Holy Spirit to do �All for love of Jesus Christ�.

Our feast is celebrated on the solemnity of Christ King of the universe, last Sunday of the ordinary season. We are a Congregation of pontifical right conceded by Pius XII on August 12 th 1949 .

Mother House is in: Via Casilina 323 00176, Rome, Italy.
The Generalate is in: Via Casilina 323 00176 Rome Italy.
the Reverend Mother: Mediatrice Berdini
Address: Via Casilina 323 00176 Rome Italy;
Tel: 0039 06278601
We evolve our mission in 9 different countries: Spain – Italy – Germany – Brazil – Bolivia – Rumania – India – Mexico – Cuba – Canada – Peru.

In Quilon

Our Congregation has three Provinces: Spain and two in Italy . Brazil is a Delegation. India does not belong to them as it is under the straight direction of the General Government.In September 30 th The first community, made up of three nuns, arrived in Nanthirickal (diocese of Quilon) in Kerala ( India ) 1995.

In this village we offer possibilities of medical visit to sick people in our small dispensary. This is supported by the Benzinger Hospital

We also provide in our house a unit for women who want to learn tailoring. Besides all this, we give a human and religious education to young girls who attend our community. We too, collaborate in our parish by giving catechism classes. A member of our community participates as a teacher in the Trinity Liceum School in Nanthirickal. We have four sisters working in the Quilon Comunity. Three of them are Indian Juniors (religious sisters with temporary vows) and the Mother Superior (European).

Charism : Holy Spirit imparted to our Foundress affirms that God is a �Father full of goodness who seeks by every means to comfort help and give happiness to his sons, who follows them and seeks them out with untiring love, as if He could not be happy without them.�

Merciful Love Convent , Vellimon PIN 691 511 , Tel: 0474 2548570.

19.........+++ Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (F.M.A.) +++...........
The Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians commonly known as the Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco was founded on 5 th August 1872 , at Mornese, Italy by St. John Bosco and St. Mary Dominica Mazzarello for the integral Education of poor youth. The Generalate is in Rome and the present Superior General is Sr. Antonia Colombo. There are 15,308 Sisters and 1559 Communities spread out in 89 Nations. The first group of six missionaries came to Tanjore, Tamilnadu in 1922 and today there are six provinces in India with their headquarters in Chennai, Bangalore , Mumbai, Calcutta , Gauhati and Shillong. It is pontifical congregation.
Charism: Integral Education of poor youth

Communion the dream of God and the cry of our people around, ungently challenge our communities


A dynamic Province of Christ centered and mission oriented communities that forges ahead with Mary the �New Woman to new horizons for the evangelization of marginalized youth according to the style and spirituality of John Bosco

Feast Mary Help of Christians: May 24 th / Feast of St. John Bosco: January 31 st / Feast of St. Mary Mazzarello : May 13 th

In Quilon

Salesian Sisters came to Quilon Diocese in 1977 at the invitation of Bishop Jerome Fernandez. There are two communities in the Diocese: 1. Auxilium Centre, Kottiyam and 2. Auxilium Sneha Kiran, Thope - both belonging to Sacred Heart Province Bangalore. The Sisters were asked to take care of the spititual needs of the people of the near-by tribal Colony.

In 1978 a Needle Work Centre and a working girls' Boarding was started for the poor young women of the locality. Thereafter many job-oriented courses like: Secretarial Course and P.D.C., income generating programmes like: Poultry Farming, Cutting & Tailoring, Garment making, Electronic Choke, Weaving and Door-mat making etc. were started in order to empower the poor women of the place.

Recognizing the need of the place, in 1981 a primary school also was started, but it was closed down in 1987 at the request of the major superiors who wanted the Sisters to go for social work. Due to the pressure of the people once again the school was re-opened in 1989 and today it is an ICSE School .

In the non-formal sector today there is Community College with job oriented Courses like Secretarial Practice, Computer Applications and DTP. Students who are drop- outs from the near by schools are sent for Government Exams under the National Institute of Open Schooling in all the above courses as well as in Cutting Tailoring and Dress making and Secondary Course, which is equal to SSLC.

To give employment to the poor women of the locality there is a Unit of Book Binding and Doormat making. There is also the Evening Coaching Class Centre, where the poor and weak students of the neighbourhood are taken care of in their study.

Sisters regularly visit the families of the Colony and take care of 3 BCC Units and the Parish catechesis. No. of Sisters working in the Diocese: 17

Address: Auxilium Centre, Kottiyam, Kollam - 691 571.Ph. (0474) 25 30 087,.Auxilium Sneha Kiran, Thope, Kollam- 691 006
Ph. (0474) 27 43 450

Mother House( Generalate) : Istituto Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice
Via dell’ Ateneo Salesiano, 81
00139 Roma
Tel. (+39) 06/ 87 27 41
(+39) 06/ 87 13 23
Provincialate; Sacred Heart Province, Bangalore.
Sr. Rosy Malayatty,
Sacred Heart Convent,
Avalahalli, Virgonagar
P.O. Bangalore 560049
Tel (080) 284 72 571



20...........+++ The Sisters of Missionaries of Charity (M.C.) +++..........
Blessed Mother. M. Teresa Bojaxhiu , Albania on 7 th October, 1950 in Calcutta .
Our religious family started when our Foundress, Mother M. Teresa Bojaxhiu was inspired by the Holy Spirit with a special Charism on the 10 th September 1946 . The Society was given the decree of Erection on 7 th October. 1950 by His Grace the most Rev. F. Perier S.J. Archbishop of Calcutta , elevating the society to diocesan right. The Decree of praise was granted by His Holiness, Pope Paul VI on 1 st February 1965 and raising the Society to Pontifical Status. The Male Branch known as the Missionary Brothers of Charity was founded by Mother Teresa on 25 th March 1963 . It is pontifical in right.

Charism: - Our Charism is to Quench the Infinite Thirst of Jesus Christ on the Cross for love of souls, by the profession of the Evangelical Councils and whole hearted and free service to the poorest of the poor. Feast of the Congregation is on Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary on 22 nd August

In Quilon

Year of advent to India : 1950/ to Kerala: 1964. / to Quilon 1971. Most Rev. Dr. Jerome M. Fernandez invited our Mother to visit Quilon and see the possibilities to open a house in his diocese. Blessed Mother Teresa came and visited the whole coastal area of Quilon, and saw the suffering of the poor and the need to open a convent in Quilon on 10-10-1971 . We began our convent with 4 sisters in this Diocese. Now we have one Convent and one Home for the dying and destitutes. There are six Sisters working in the Community. We have 52 Regions in the entire world.This community of Quilon belongs to Kerala Region. Regional House : Ernakulam

A Home for the Dying Destitutes in Tangassery where we take care of about 52 such persons with wholehearted and free service.
Family Visiting:  We visit all the families of Tangassery and if need arises to visit to the poor and needy we go to other parishes also.
Regularly attending the family units meeting.
Teaching in Sunday School
Visiting the hospitals and helping the needy.
when need arises, we are ready to do any kind or relief works

Address : Missionaries of Charity, St. Anne's Garden, Tangassery P.O., Quilon –691 007.

The Superior General: Sr. M. Nirmala Joshi. M.C.
Sr. M. Nirmala. M.C.,
Missionaries of Charity,
54-A, A.J.C., Bose Road,
Kolkata –700 016, West Bengal.
Tel: 033/22497115, 22172277.
The Regional Superior: Sr. M. Angelette. M.C.,
Missionaries of Charity,
S.R.M. Road, Ernakulam,
Kochi-682 018, Kerala.
Tel. No. 0484/2401611.
21...........+++ The Missionary Sisters of St. Therese of Infant Jesus (M.S.S.T.) +++............
Rt. Rev. Dr. Jerome M. Fernandez, 1901 � 1992, Quilon , India .

The erstwhile Bishop of Quilon Rt. Rev. Dr. Jerome M. Fernandez under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit conceived the idea of a religious Congregation of women to help the priests of the Diocese in their missionary apostolate. Being the first indigenous Bishop of the Diocese and a great lover of Indian arts and culture he dreamt of having a Diocesan Congregation of women, adapting the Indian style of commitment and devotion. It was then that he heard of a group of young ladies in Chelakara of Trichur Diocese, who were looking forward to be members of a religious Congregation. The Bishop invited them to the Diocese, gave them a house to stay in the parish of Kunnam in Mavelikara.

The Sacred Congregation of the Propaganda Fide Prot. N. 2720/53 dated July 22, 1953 granted official sanctions to this group of religious to become a congregation. The Constitutions for a religious Congregation of women were really approved by the letter of the same Congregation Prot. N. 1902/55 dated December 21, 1955 . Bishop Jerome M. Fernandez by a decree N. 7772/59 dated January 27, 1959 , canonically erected the Congregation under the title of �Missionary Sisters of St. Therese of Infant Jesus, Quilon� (MSST)

Bishop Jerome relied on the service of sisters from the Apostolic Carmel of Mangalore to give proper formation to the recruits. The Holy Cross Sisters in Kottiyam and the Franciscan sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Quilon too had rendered timely assistance in their formation.

By the year 1979 the number of sisters in the Congregation grew up to 127. But to the dismay of Bishop Joseph G. Fernandez, it was found out that the majority of the community belonged originally to Syro-Malabar Rite. Being of Diocesan Jurisdiction and of the Latin Rite it was so strange that happened, the number of sisters from the Latin Rite to be so meager .So Bishop advised to have recruitment done proportionally with much preference to vocations from the locality. The majority of the Community consisted of �Syrian-origin' protested against this directive. Formators who were Syrians even unreasonably dismissed the recruits of Latin rite. The Bishop having come to know of this unhealthy tendency, and having consulted the Latin Bishops of Kerala, ordered that thenceforth only girls from the Latin rite might be granted admission. This really paved the way for uneasiness and discord in the congregation.

The Office of the Propaganda Fide enquired about the situation in the Congregation. The Bishop sent a factual report � a complete history of the Congregation from its very inception to the Sacred Congregation . The Sacred Congregation thereupon appointed Rt. Rev. Alan De Lastic, Bishop of Lucknow as Apostolic Visitor to study about the complaint and report of the Bishop. Bishop Alan visited all the houses of the Congregation in other Dioceses, interviewed all the sisters individually and informed the Propaganda Fide that the complaint was baseless and that the report of the Diocesan Bishop was totally true to facts. In order to find a solution to then situation a meeting of Latin Bishops of Kerala was convened and Bishop Alan also attending the same. It was unanimously decided to divide the Congregation into two separate entities on the basis of rite. The propaganda fide accepted the recommendation of the Bishop's council and appointed the same Bishop Alan as the apostolic delegate to effect the division. The Sacred Congregation however had directed that if any member of the Syro Malabar Rite wishes to stay back in the original section, it should be granted. Accordingly 12 of the 123 members of the Syro Malabar Rite opted to remain in the Latin section; they are still with us. The other 111 sisters were dully transferred to the Jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Changanassery of the Syro Malabar Rite.

Ever since a peaceful atmosphere is reigning in the Congregation. It has now, besides in the Diocese of Quilon, houses in the Dioceses of Punalur, Neyyattinkara, T.V.M., Vijayapuram and Cochin . There are houses in Italy and Germany . Besides missionary work, the sisters are engaged in parish ministry, in houses for the old and sick, in the hospitals and schools.The congregation is very much indebted its patroness St. Therese of Infant Jesus whose spirituality the sisters try to imitate in the light of �Ora Et Labora� . Feast is on October 1. The sisters are working in education, nursing and social field of the Diocese. There are nine Convents. Most of the sisters are assisting in parishes such as catechetical works, leading the BCC units etc�

Charism: to proclaim the good news of the Lord particularly to those who have not heard it and to the poor according to the founder's spirit. We accomplish this mission through religious education, social services, family apostolate, and education and care of the sick.

Institution { Cherupushpa U.P.School }
Mother Mary Theresa
Cherupushpa Niva Convent
Industrial Estate P.O., Umayanalloor P.O.,.
Kottiyam, Kollam –691 589
Tel. No. 2530015
Cherupushpa Novitiate House
Industrial Estate P.O., Umayanalloor P.O.,.
Kottiyam, Kollam –691 589
Little Flower Convent
Alumood P.O.,
Kureepally, Mukhathala –691 577
Institution Little Flower Nursery
St. Ann’s Convent
Perungalipuram P.O.,
Mavelikara –689 624

Little Flower Convent
Vadakumthala P.O.,
Kollam –690 538
Little Flower Convent
T.K.M. College
Karicode P.O.,
Kollam –5

Institution : Litty English Medium School

Sacred Heart Convent
Mayyanad P.O., 691 303
Little Flower Convent
Kavanad P.O.,
Mukkad, Kollam
St. Joseph’s Hostel & Convent
Near Jyothi Nikethan Women’s College
Kollam –691 001
22..........+++ The Pious Workers of St. Joseph Convent [ P.W.S.J.] +++.............

Mother Maria Agnes Tribbioli



Died 27-02-1965
Nationality Italian
Month and Year of founding 29 th June 1927
Charism of our congregation are a. In assisting children of poor family
b. Women convicts in penal institutes
c. The old people in rest homes
d. In nursery, Primary & secondary Schools
e. In catechesis & Parish activities
f. In the house of spirituality and house of reception
Vision and Mission Mission statements is if any country
Statements Wherever there is the need and we are invited the congregation is ready to work there.
Feast of the congregation on 19 th March
Pontifical ? Yes, it is.
Mother House & Generalate

Florence in Italy

Name of the mother general

Mother Martha Lombardi

Address Suore Pie Operaie di S. Giuseppe
Via dei Serragli –113
Firenze –50124
Tel. 0039-055-222428
Countries of mission & Province Beasile , India , Romania & Florence , Italy
Year of advent to India (Quilon)



History of the Congregation in the Diocese: We began our congregation in the Diocese of Quilon as a formation house. Then we opened one English medium School in Kureepuzha. Now we are constructing another house in Vempuzha
Institutions in the Diocese of Quilon: Maria Agnes English Medium Convent School
Number of houses in the Diocese of Quilon: Two { Total number of sisters } Working in the Diocese: Nine

Pious workers of St. Joseph’s Convent
Kureepuzha P.O., Perinad, Kollam.
Maria Agnes English Medium
Convent School, Kureepuzha P.O
Perinad, Kollam   
23...........+++ Canossian Daughters 0f charity servants of the poor +++............
St. Magdalene of Canossa
Founded in the Year
1808 March 8 th

Ministries of Charity


1. Education

2. Evangelization

3. Pastoral Care of the Sick

Our Generalate is in Rome

In INDIA we have three Provincees. We belong to the South Province . Our Provincialate is in Bangalore

Address of our Provincialate

Canossian Provincialate ,Prema Mindira

4, Harris Road , Benson Town

Bangalore �560 046

The name of our Provincial Sr. Leela Mappilacherry.

The Bishop of Quilon Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph G. Fernandez for several years, had repeatedly appealed to us to have a foundation in this Diocese of Quilon. Heeding to that word, we erected the Convent in the Parish of Three Kings Church, Maruthurkulangara in this Diocese of Quilon, on 31 st March 1986

We are involved in the Liturgical, Biblical, Catechetical and Family Apostolate, and also cooperate with the activities of the Q.S.S.S. as far as they are feasible and the sisters are able. We have also started CRECHE PROGRAMME in 1992, Technical Institute and in 1993 we have started an English Medium School at Karunagappally, known as CANOSSA CONVENT ENG. MEDIUM SCHOOL of Govt. recognition. It is a Primary School and now we are able to transform it into an Upper Primary school

Above all these, we are fully involved in the Parish activities, ready to assist the Diocese and its faithful in all possible ways, we could.

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